We are proud to share with you our projects adding value currently to our country and investors performed together with our solution partners with the references of our company. We continue with you “to produce with unending energy”.
Location: Rize Capacity: 2.43 Mw

Derebaşı HES (TURKEY)
Location: Trabzon Capacity: 11.32 Mw

Keserali HES (TURKEY)
Location: Muğla Capacity: 1.25 Mw

Gökböğet HES (TURKEY)
Location: Isparta Capacity: 3.18 Mw

Balıklı HES (TURKEY)
Location: Artvin Capacity: 10.55 Mw

Turunçova HES (TURKEY)
Location: Antalya Capacity: 4 Mw

Location: Giresun Capacity: 3.12 Mw

Kardelen HES (TURKEY)
Location: Ordu Capacity: 4.51 Mw

Yumurtepe HES (TURKEY)
Location: Giresun Capacity: 4 Mw

Kalecik HES (TURKEY)
Location: Artvin Capacity: 5 Mw

Location: Trabzon Capacity: 9.18 Mw

Derecik HES (TURKEY)
Location: Artvin Capacity: 2.81 Mw

Location: Muğla Capacity: 10.5 Mw

Kocaman HES (TURKEY)
Location: Artvin Capacity: 3.32 Mw

Rüzgarli HES (TURKEY)
Location: Rize Capacity: 9.93 Mw

Location: Gümüşhane Capacity: 2.80 Mw
Polatlı GES (TURKEY)
Location: Ankara Capacity: 8 Mw

Sungurlu GES (TURKEY)
Location: Çorum Capacity: 6 Mw

Kurşunlu GES (TURKEY)
Location: Çankırı Capacity: 7 Mw

Çifteler GES (TURKEY)
Location: Eskişehir Capacity: 6 Mw

Sivrihisar GES (TURKEY)
Location: Eskişehir Capacity: 6 Mw
Sincan Biogaz (TURKEY)
Location: Ankara Capacity: 3 Mw
De Solar 7 Biogas Power Plant installed in Anayurt Neighborhood of Sincan District of Ankara Province with mechanical power 3,285 MWm electrical power 3,201 MWe is supported by YEKDEM and its provisional acceptance has been made. It facilitates the stages of collection of waste and conveyance to the plant to be processed that the plant is located in the organized livestock zone. In the plant, as a result of processing by anaerobic decomposition technology, biogas, energy and fertilizer production shall be performed. Usable biogas shall be obtained from organic waste and electricity and heat production shall be maintained through gas motors (cogeneration). In the plant processed fermented solid-state and liquid product generating besides electricity production shall be considered as organic fertilizer.
Hamzabeyli RES (TURKEY)
Location: Edirne Capacity: 6 Mw

Location: Imereti Capacity:: 111 Mw

ChobalauriWF (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 96 Mw

Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 36 Mw

Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 15 Mw

KvakhvreliWF (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 75 Mw

MartkopiWF (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 60 Mw

Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 57 Mw

SasiretiWF (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 18 Mw

Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 39 Mw

Pirveliwind1 (GEORGIA)
Location: Kvemo Kartli Capacity: 30 Mw

Pirveliwind2 (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 110 Mw

Location: Samegrelo Zemosvneti Capacity: 117 Mw

SaakadzeeWF (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 15 Mw

VarketiliWF (GEORGIA)
Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 153 Mw

Location: ShidaKartli Capacity: 11 Mw