Hydro Electric

With the power of world's largest part, water, we contribute great energy to life.

Solar Energy

We receive our power from the sun and provide a renewable energy system that is intertwined with and respectful to nature.

Biogas Energy

We produce smart and beneficial systems with the recycling of the energy spent.

Wind Power

By transforming the yields of nature into energy, we combine with the most accurate and solution-oriented systems.

Our Recent Project

De Solar 7 Biogas Power Plant installed in Anayurt Neighborhood of Sincan District of Ankara Province with mechanical power 3,285 MWm electrical power 3,201 MWe is supported by YEKDEM and its provisional acceptance has been made. It facilitates the stages of collection of waste and conveyance to the plant to be processed that the plant is located in the organized livestock zone. In the plant, as a result of processing by anaerobic decomposition technology, biogas, energy and fertilizer production shall be performed. Usable biogas shall be obtained from organic waste and electricity and heat production shall be maintained through gas motors (cogeneration). In the plant processed fermented solid-state and liquid product generating besides electricity production shall be considered as organic fertilizer.

Analysis and Design

We perform the analysis and project design of more efficient thoughts of yours for energy in many areas such as land discoveries, efficiency and transportation.


We make a key-ready facility installation with top quality and productive solution partners and provide the necessary information and technical documentation.


We are with you in the performance, control and management by formation of legal processes and an installed system and the sales.


We provide the statistical results of life and adequacies in many topics from project efficiency analyses to the technical support for the products.